Our first baby born at Highridge Meadows:

Wynvaella was born on June 2, 2003. She is a Dutch Warmblood(Flemmingh)/Thoroughbred(Mark Your Claim).




Her first halter!



Two Months Old!


Three Months Old!



Four Months Old!



At two years of age, Kaylee is ready for her first ride.



Her first show(sorry for the poor picture quality, but light was not good and I had to be FAST!)

She won sixth place!


Her first show in which she actually had a rider was the spring show. She took Reserve Champion!!

When Kaylee made the move to second level she decided Dressage was not for her. She balked and she protested. Well we thought, her father was an Olympic jumper as well as Dressage so away she went to a neighbour's boarding school to learn to become a jumper. I am happy to report that Kaylee is extremely happy in her new profession and jumping higher every day.